6-9/100 fav Infinite's quote or conversation -Dongwoo's special men quote ep- ♥
  • Question: L's mom has seven sons. Her sons names are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Indigo. What's the last son's name?
  • Hoya: Purple
  • Woohyun: Purple?
  • Sungyeol: Hoya
  • Sungjong: Purple Jr.
  • Sunggyu: Are you that guys so stupid!??!!!! I want to answer the question! L L L L L L L L!!!!!!
  • Sungjong: He's right! He's right! We didn't say L's name!
  • Sungyeol: WHY ARE WE SO STUPID?!!!!!!!!
  • Woohyun: Why is the answer L?

2woo’s making a heart and throwing it towards the fans


Wife welcomed his husband? Sunggyu is not approved :))